Strategy Design and Facilitation

I help people get what they want from their businesses. I do that by giving them simple tools and an all-encompassing system to help their organization build the strategy to reach its full potential.

Who - Companies and leaders with a passion for growth or change. External factors or Internal challenges that need a new approach. Typically they are $5-40m companies navigating the changes from small to medium or working on the next leap. Outside of that, my work takes me from startups with a good attitude through to $500m+ who yearn for some of the agility of smaller business.  I used to list specific industries here but I'm constantly invited to work in new industries and I've enjoyed the benefits of sharing knowledge from others.  If it's important to you that I know and have experience of the specifics of your industry, just ask and I'll give you a straight answer.

What -I will apply one of 3 all-encompassing strategy development processes depending on your needs.  Some organisations require a total recut of their strategic planning process, generally because they've outgrown or cant scale what they used to use.  Others need an open honest and even bold conversation to be facilitated and some want an ongoing strategic planning process that can be applied quarterly and annually and guides the entire activity of the organisation.

How - I like to take the time to really understand the organisation and the participants in the process before we start.  From there I'll give you my recommendations on how to achieve what you need and we'll agree together on the process.  We'll make it safe to have tough conversations (if needed) and we'll ensure we run a process that gets the elephants out of the room and achieves the outcomes.


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