How I Work

I work with businesses leaders, entrepreneurs, and their teams.  We work together in person or via video conference depending on location. 

I don't charge for time or content, only impact. 

Never had a coach before?

Most clients hire me to work on a commercial challenge or opportunity.  Where we go to from there is up to them.

Using my past experiences, good and bad, I will:

  • meet you where you are without judgement
  • help you to define what great looks like
  • show you other perspectives
  • help you get there quicker and or easier

Everybody needs a coach.   Do you have someone in your life who's not related to or in business with you who you trust and who you can talk to openly and who will challenge you or hold you accountable?


I hate the whole dance about money.  It's the thing no one wants to talk about.  Let’s get right to it.

In my experience, the problem is we talk too much about price or costs and we should be talking about value or impact.   I get asked nearly every week should I buy this really expensive machine or hire this really expensive team member or should I go with the cheaper one.   The price should not be the issue, it's the value.

A better question is: “what do you need?”  From there "Will this investment help me achieve that?"  If not, don't do it.

If I don't believe I can can deliver at least 10 times the value of the time and money for us to work together on whatever it is you need,  I won't work with you.   I encourage my clients to be real with me and from there we can compare perspectives, explore the possibilities and stay energised by the process.

Darren gives sound advice, clear direction and confidence that enables you to take the right steps.

Tony Vella

I've gone to many seminars, trainings, business coaches and read widely, but Darren has helped me more than all of those put together. Darren showed me that the only thing holding my business back was me. He shifted my ideas of what was possible and keeps me on track to keep improving. We've grown over 50% as a result of his advice and my team are more inspired and growing into leadership as I teach them the lessons Darren has taught me. I find everything in my work and life is easier with someone there I can trust who knows what it’s like to be the guy at the top. His contacts and knowledge and passion for what he does are unparalleled. He could obviously be just doing the company thing himself but he's out there helping people like me to help people. I consider it an honour to have him as my coach.

Alwyn Biase - Allied Aged Care

Darren was able guide us successfully through this process by offering new thought processes, whilst giving us the tools to monitor sustainable growth, financial stability and forward predictions whilst entering a changing and diversified market.  His personal interest in our business and his ongoing support is testament to the professionalism and dedication of Darren as a person and business coach.  We would have no hesitation in recommending his services.

Rob and Brony Franzolini - Bronlie Constructions

Darren is the most authentic and selfless person in my network. His genuine approach to every person he comes into contact with is not only very rare but means that he gets more out of businesses in return. I am lucky to have him part of my network and wish I could have his advice on tap.

Jay Tinkler

Darren has been an integral part of my development over recent years.  Through his coaching he has been able to provide me with the knowledge and insights to see things from a different perspective, which has helped me to be able to make the best decisions possible.  He always seems to know the things that I need to hear at the time I need to hear them.  

Petrina Stamos, Snelleman Tom

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